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Oregon WIC Cereals (WIC List updated Feb 1, ). All breakfast cereals on this list meet the CACFP sugar limit of 6 grams per dry ounce. Cereals with are. Maximum Monthly Allowances of Supplemental Foods for Children and Women ; Milk. A: 12 qt. B: 14 qt. 16 qt. ; Breakfast cereal, 36 oz. 36 oz. ; Eggs, 1 dozen, 1. 2nd Foods Prune Apple Baby Food · · Gerber Rice Cereal. Single Grain Cereal. Gerber Rice Cereal · · MultiGrain Cereal - 8 oz. Cereal. MultiGrain Cereal. • Cream Of Wheat: 1 Minute Cereal, Minutes Cereal, • Your WIC shopping list For more information on the NYS WIC Program, please visit: Cereal (PDF) · Dried Beans/Peas/Lentils (PDF) · Canned Beans (PDF) · Peanut Butter (PDF) · Fish (tuna/salmon) (PDF) · Infant Cereal (PDF) · Infant Formula .

*Indicates a whole grain cereal. Page Select a Louisiana WIC authorized store with the WIC Authorized. Vendor door decal. Choose the items you want. The Michigan WIC Program is continuing to evaluate new foods to be authorized. If you are aware of foods that meet current WIC Food Guide authorization criteria. ✘Not WIC Approved: Cereal with fruit, formula, DHA or added ingredients. You can scan items while you shop with the myWIC app! The scan feature on myWIC. Find wic cereal at a store near you. Order wic cereal online for pickup or delivery. Find ingredients, recipes, coupons and more. Infant Food | Infant Cereal | Infant Formula. Frequently Asked Questions. Breakfast Cereals: Cold | Hot Cereals. or Page 3. The. Cereals not listed above; organic cereals Organic infant cereal; infant cereal with extra No cash, credit or returns allowed for WIC checks or WIC foods. WAYS TO BUY CEREAL. You can buy any combination of WIC approved hot or cold cereals that add up to your total number of ounces on your WIC Benefit Balance. ALLOWED CEREALS: Combinations of cold, hot, and/or allowed WIC infant cereals not to exceed amount stated on check. Boxes or bags allowed. NOT ALLOWED. Cereal · Juice · Milk and Soy · Yogurt · Cheese and Eggs · Beans, Peas, and Peanut Butter · Tofu and Fish · Breastfeeding. Cereals with this symbol are made with whole grains and are a good source of fiber. NEW WIC-Eligible Cereal eerios Oat Crunch Berry! Page 9. CEREALS. Interested in WIC? WIC Families · Home · WIC Foods; Infant Cereal. Infant Cereal. Can Buy | Brands and types listed below in 8 oz or 16 oz container. Infant.

Gerber is proud to offer families in the WIC program the tasty goodness infants need to get their best start. | Ingredients: Strawberry, Corn, Cereal. ▫ Oat Cereal (square-shaped) WIC EBT card. Plan your cereal purchase so you If you buy 12, 18, 24, and 36 oz sizes of cereals, you will be more likely to. Ready-to-eat (e.g., corn flakes, bran flakes); Instant and regular hot cereals (e.g., oatmeal, grits, cream of wheat) · Must contain a minimum of 28 milligrams. Organic, cereals with added formula, fruit, protein, DHA. Cereal - Store Brands. Bran Flakes. Shredded Wheat (frosted, blueberry, strawberry cream). Toasted. All cereals on this list are no more than. 6g sugar per dry ounce*. Florida WIC Approved Cereal List for the Child Care Food Program This document. Never sell, trade or give away WIC foods. This is considered fraud. 3 Approved Food List. WIC provides healthy foods, referrals to other services in your community To buy the full 36 oz of cereal: Breakfast Cereal Hint. Page Last Updated: May. Cereal - 12 oz or larger · Chex (corn, rice, blueberry, wheat, cinnamon) Cheerios (original, multigrain) Cheerios Oat Crunch (berry) · Frosted Mini Wheats . Your benefits state the number of ounces of cereal. For benefits stating. 36 ounces of cereal, the following are examples of possible cereal size.

The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) provides at no cost: Healthy foods like, milk, cheese, yogurt, cereal, whole. Cereal · Honey Bunches of Oats · Honey Bunches of Oats · Cheerios · Multi-Grain Cheerios · Kelloggs Corn Flakes · Kix · Honey Kix · Berry Berry Kix. Kid Tested. cereal) on the Family Benefits List with the brands in the Connecticut WIC Approved Food Guide. Look to see what brands and sizes are WIC approved before. If you have questions, or concerns, or would like items removed from the list, please send us an email inquiry. UPC Submissions. The North Carolina WIC program. CEREAL WIC APPROVED (2 KIND OZ) 8OZ. Pantry. GERBER RICE CEREAL WIC APPROVED (2 KIND OZ) 8OZ (avg. lb) per/lb. $ 15 in stock. Quantity. GERBER RICE.

Breakfast Cereal. 1. CTR. Dry Beans or Peanut Butter. OZ. Whole Grains. 9. $$$. Fruits and Vegetables. 3. GAL. Milk (1% Lowfat or Nonfat;. Whole for age 12–. Moms may receive food, breastfeeding support, and nutrition education for up to 1 year. At 6 months: At 9 months: 24 ounces of infant cereal; 32 containers. WIC Infant Cereal Rebate · Invitation for Bids # · Schedule of Events · Contact Information · Documents. Invitation for Bid (PDF); Attachment B (XLSX).

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